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The Phage Dome will be upgraded to The Phage Planetarium with the capability to host immersive visual content for science talks, planetarium shows, parties, and more.

The Phage Planetarium

by NikuAI Arts Collective

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NikuAI Arts Collective

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Campaign Story

Dear Phage community, 

For years the geodesic dome has been the centerpiece of Phage’s camp! The dome hosted countless science talks and parties. This year Phage is working together with NikuAI to transform the dome from a static structure into an art piece in its own right. 

Interdimensional Phage Planetarium is a 360 degree projection system that will provide immersive visuals for our science talks, parties, planetarium shows and more.

Please help us make this project into reality! Your generous donation will play a crucial role in bringing the project onto the Playa this year. We seek to raise $6,000 for two 4k projectors that will be suspended from the top of the dome. By building a crowdfunding campaign directly within the Phage’s website we made sure that every cent of your donations goes directly to this project. Note that all donations are tax-deductible, and you could also double your donation if your work place provides match-funding to charitable projects!

Your donations will help keep the Phage’s future immersed into new visual realities for years to come!

The visuals

NikuAI explores the world via generative AI algorithms. Its mission is to bring generative art out from a computer screen into the physical world. Here are some example visuals from our past events, including 2023 Ice Phage East and 2023 Phage Purple Party in Cambridge, MA




Our projection system

The primary requirement for a 360-degree dome projection is to create the widest possible field of view. Our proposed system consists of two overlapping 4k projectors that will envelop the images on the entire dome. 

The projection system will be suspended from the top of the Phage Dome via a rigging system with mult-point attachments, and an extra safety line.

Render of architectural design

By using a special spherical projection software we will be able to take any rectangular video, and project it onto the surface of a half sphere, like shown in this video here – 

We will protect our precious projectors from playa dust and heat so that they can be re-used by Phage for years to come! To do this, we will build an insulated enclosure system that will bear HEPA filters and computer fans for necessary isolation and cooling. 

Help Us Create A Unique Experience!

To cover the full dome of this size (30 feet!), we need at least two high resolution 4k projectors. While cheaper options may have worked well on a standard smaller projection surface, the difference in quality on a 30 foot half spherical dome will be very noticeable! This is why we ask for your help! 

We seek to raise $6,000 through crowdfunding. 




Note that all your donations are tax-deductible in the United States as The Phage Inc is a 501(c)(3) corporation. Moreover, if you work for a company that provides match funds for charitable donations, you may be able to match fund your donation (i.e. double your donation) to The Phage Inc. Note that The Phage Inc is registered with a portal called Benevity that manages match funding, if your company uses that. Otherwise, if you are unsure, please feel free to reach out to us and we may be able to provide some information to you on how this works. Please note that if you make a donation through another platform (than Benevity), please send us an email so that we can update the final amount on our campaign! If you have any questions about any of the above – please reach us via

Asking for Your Support

We can’t do this without you! Here’s how you can help:

DONATE Please consider making a generous donation to support this project. 

SHARE   Please share this campaign with all your Phageling friends that you have camped with before. They may have missed this email, and you may be the crucial link to help bring attention to this joint community project!

Thank you very much for all your help!! 

The Phage community and NikuAI Phagelings